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Denver Audubon Community Ambassador

MAIN CONTACT: Suzy Hiskey; 303-949-3077,

PURPOSE: Denver Audubon Community Ambassadors inform, motivate, and educate both the public and groups in implementing bird-friendly projects, habitat, practices, policies, or ordinances within your own community or neighborhood in the Denver metro area. Ambassadors select a project, campaign, or initiative that brings about action for birds, other wildlife, and their habitats.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY LOCATION: The geographic areas include urban and developed land – and the parks, open spaces, and lands surrounding them – in the Denver metro area that fall in the Denver Audubon service area (Jefferson, Douglas, Arapahoe, Denver, Adams, and Broomfield counties). Your project tasks take place locally in your own neighborhood – at home, local offices or businesses, coffee shops, parks, etc. If a potential Community Ambassador lives in Boulder Audubon or Evergreen Audubon service areas, we will work with you and your chapter to consider ways Denver Audubon can help.

EXPECTED TIME COMMITMENT: The project you select will determine the time commitment. As an ambassador, you set your own hours based on the needs of the project you are working on. Time may be variable depending on what stage the project is in. Some projects may need a few hours each month while others require a few hours each week. Some projects may require time dedicated during business hours, others may require time on weekends or evenings. Denver Audubon staff are typically available Monday through Thursday 9am-5pm, though many meetings and training programs may occur outside of this time.

DUTIES: The project you select will determine what duties you will perform. All ambassadors will:

  • Attend occasional training opportunities, meetings, and Conservation Coordinator office
    hours to support your efforts.
  • Provide stories, photos, and resources on any successes, large or small, about your
    community project.
  • Take the lead on a bird-friendly project, campaign, or initiative of your choice in your

Examples of additional duties could include the following and are based on the needs of your project:

  • Communicate with committees, boards, city council members, business staff members, neighbors, neighborhood associations, businesses, or other groups or stakeholders with an interest or concern in your project.
  • Organize neighborhood volunteer events.
  • Write HOA newsletter articles or letters to the editor for local news media.
  • Post information to Nextdoor or other social media platforms.
  • Help develop blog articles and informational materials to further educate other ambassadors and the public on how to take action.

QUALIFICATIONS: Be self-motivated and have a bird-friendly project in mind. Projects must work towards creating bird-friendly practices or native plant habitats in your home, neighborhood, business district, community, city, or county.

TRAINING: Denver Audubon will provide optional training, meetings, and get-togethers to provide:

  • Opportunities to share successes and brainstorm the needs or challenges of your project.
  • Guidance on inspiring and initiating change within the community.
  • Information on additional bird-friendly topics to be decided based on projects and interests of the Community Ambassadors.

SUPPORT: Denver Audubon provides guidance and support to individuals and groups who may seek aid for a wide variety of issues. To those ends, Denver Audubon provides the following services:

  • Leadership in implementing bird-friendly projects such as native plant gardens, window treatments to prevent bird collisions, and other education/awareness campaigns encouraging community members to take actions that protect birds.
  • Informational resources and “how-to” materials to guide you and your community in implementing bird-friendly practices.
  • Site analysis/survey assistance to groups planning gardens or buildings to help them ensure they are providing safe urban habitats for birds to forage, nest, and move around.
  • Educational programs and presentations to both general audiences and groups interested in engaging in bird-friendly actions.
  • Educational booth materials (and sometimes a volunteer or staff member if available) at local events appropriate to your project and Denver Audubon’s mission.
  • General guidance to groups desiring to change their landscape, windows, practices, policies, or ordinances to benefit birds.

BENEFITS: Community Ambassadors will gain leadership and project management training and experience. You will become knowledgeable in bird watching, bird ecology, and bird-friendly practices. You will form meaningful relationships within your community. Over time, you will experience first-hand benefits of increased bird diversity and neighborhood beautification. Human benefits of bird diversity and habitat include improved human happiness and health, improved air and water quality, and a reduction in emissions and urban heat island effects.

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