Audubon Center Gets a Bird-Friendly Window Upgrade

Audubon Center Gets a Bird-Friendly Window Upgrade

If you’ve been inside our center, chances are you’ve watched or identified birds at the feeders through the bird feeder window. Despite the UV window decals, sometimes we would experience the unfortunate incident of a bird flying into the window. Why does that happen?

Birds don’t understand the concept of glass. Instead, they are seeing the reflection of the habitat (and sometimes the feeders) on the window surface. Applying treatments to the exterior of windows breaks up the reflection and creates a visual barrier for the birds. Whatever treatment you choose, the application should be less than 4 inches apart for most songbirds, and 2 inches apart for hummingbirds. Visit our Bird Window Strike Prevention page for more information on window treatments.

Denver Audubon received a free DIY kit and Education Pack from Feather Friendly. On June 24, 2021, Claire (Conservation Intern) and Suzy (Conservation Coordinator) installed the Feather Friendly vinyl dots on the Audubon Center feeder watching window. While there was a slight learning curve to the application process, by the end of the second window pane, we had the routine down and installation progressed quickly.

Before and after: Feather Friendly dot installation on left. Untreated on right.

The process:

We attached the provided measuring tape on each side of the window pane so we could space the tape at 2 inch intervals. Then we applied the Feather Friendly tape. Pro tip not in the instructions – hang a weighted plumb line so you can be sure each row of dots lines up with the row above. We secured the dot pattern with the provided squeegee. Finally, we removed the tape so that only the dots remained.

The results:

We were worried that the dot pattern might interfere with bird watching and binocular use. So, we tested it out with binoculars before starting the second pane. We were pleasantly surprised that the binoculars did not see the dots – at all! We even strategically placed the binoculars directly over the dots and the view was still completely clear. It was more clear than viewing birds out of screened windows. And, we no longer had to view between the window decals.

There are many different solutions that prevent window strikes. The Feather Friendly vinyl dot system works great for our bird viewing window. You can check out this system at the HOOTenanny Owl and Music Festival on September 25, 2021. You can also purchase tape for your windows at our next event or by calling the office manager at 303-973-9530.