Field Trip Leaders

Field Trip Leaders

Thanks for leading trips for Denver Audubon! Please submit any new trips using this page. The Warbler will no longer be used to submit new trips. Please read this entire page before using this process for the first time.

  • We request you submit new forms one month prior to the date of your trip to ensure we have time to add it to Neon, the website calendar, promotional emails, and social media posts.
  • All questions on the form are required! Some questions have “logic” associated with them, so you will not be able to view the entire list until you answer certain questions.

Click the button below to submit your trip (you should receive a thank you message once completed):


Please enter your field trip date and location in the following googlesheet so other field trip leaders are aware of your plans (sort the data by clicking the little inverted triangle thingy on the right side of “Field Trip Date”):


If you want to request a change to the form or the new process, please contact the field trip committee chair person.