Nature Center

Nature Center

The Denver Audubon Kingery Nature Center is located within Chatfield State Park and is considered an “important bird area” by the National Audubon Society. When you visit the grounds that surround us, you might encounter one of 345 bird species that live or migrate through the area.

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Although our buildings are open only when we’re on site, the grounds are open year-round. Swing by any time for a bit of nature, but please keep it clean. Dog leashes required per state park rules.




As you walk from the parking lot, you’ll know you’ve arrived because of our lovely sign, installed in 2019. Material and labor were donated by Bryan Hogan, spouse of our community outreach coordinator, and Don Niemczyk, maintenance volunteer.


The Kingery Nature Center

Walking down the path, the first building you’ll see (on the left) is our main nature center building where we host workshops and special events. When we’re around, you can also visit our gift shop. We often set up bird feeders on the west side of the building, so make sure to check out which birds are eating.


Outdoor Lab

Across from the Kingery Nature Center is our outdoor lab, used for summer camps and other school programs. Roll-up doors on three sides open to let kids breathe fresh air while they learn and play. In the lab, students have access to binoculars, aquatic sweep nets, insect nets, track molds, bug boxes, and more equipment that facilitates a hands-on discovery of nature.


Habitat Hero Native Plant Garden

We are proud that our native plant garden was designated as a Habitat Hero “Gold” Garden in 2016. This means that our extensive landscape of native plants gives sanctuary (by providing food, water, and shelter) to a variety of birds and other wildlife. Walk around and get inspiration for your own garden.


Nature Center Trails

Explore the nine hiking trails that coil around the 8.6 acres of land that we lease from Chatfield State Park. The grounds, trails, and everything outdoors at our nature center is open year-round. Please download a site map or trail map.


Lois Webster Amphitheater

We host several events at our Lois Webster Amphitheater, named for one of our founding members. The amphitheater seats approximately 200 people and is a great place to watch a show in the outdoors. Sometimes we host bands here, and other times partnering organizations bring live birds here to amaze audiences during one of our special programs.


Bird Banding Station

Our bird banding station is open only during May. Numbered bands applied to the legs of birds help track species distribution and movements, relative numbers, annual production, life span, and causes of death. Visiting the station is a unique opportunity to see wild birds up close while scientists study them.


Nature Center History

Denver Audubon first leased this land from Chatfield State Park in 1999. Our time here represents a short duration of this area’s history, but if you’re curious to know more, please read our detailed chronicle.