Birdathon is one of our major fundraisers.
It is similar to a walkathon or marathon:
participants raise money for Denver Audubon by birding
(not walking or running, whew!).

Proceeds fund school, family, and conservation programs.
Team members collect pledges from family, friends, co-workers,
and anyone else who wants to support your team and our
awesome organization. Last year’s Birdathon raised over $36,000.
Help us break that record!

Remember to be COVID safe – wear your mask and socially distance!

There are three ways to participate:

Form a team

Organize a team of people who can all bird on the same day during May (it doesn’t matter what day in May, you pick). Before your team’s day, collect pledges from sponsors: friends, family, coworkers, anyone! Count the number of bird species the entire 24 hours of your team’s day! To register a new team, fill out this form.

Sign up for a team

Current teams are listed below. If you would like to join one of the teams listed, please email Rhonda and let her know. We will send you sample letters to help you raise funds.

Support a team

Just click on any one of the donate links below to support your preferred team. If you don’t want to donate online, please mail a check to us at 9308 S. Wadsworth Blvd. Littleton, CO 80128.

What Makes a Team?

We have multiple team categories available for everyone’s ability and comfort level:

  • Backyard – seen in the area around your home
  • Green – walking or biking to bird
  • Solo – 1 person birding (larger area than Backyard or Green)
  • Group – 1 team of 10 or less who physically bird together
  • Virtual Group- 1 team but folks bird individually

We are asking each team to use eBird to record your bird lists and then share them with denveraudubon (1 word, no spaces). Please put your Team Name in the Comments line so we know which list(s) go with which team.
Don’t use eBird? Use this paper entry form. This way we can post Birdathon status much faster and rev up the competition!

Awards will be made to the top team in each category for total pledges collected and for most bird species seen in a 24 period.

Support Your Favorite Team

Below is the current list of teams. You can support specific individuals or the entire team by donating to the team captain. Team captains are listed below in bold.


The Masked Birders

Karl, Rhonda, Emily, Kate, Suzy, Cassandra, and Betty


Talk Birdy to Me

Ryan and Angie


Scrub J'Oakers

Hugh and Urling


Tuesday Birders

Ann, Cynthia, Dave, and Tuesday Birders


Covid Corvids

Nancy, Ben

Birds 483 Cordilleran flycatcher

The Bird Dogs

Michele, Sofia, Leslie, Wayne, Katie, Sandy, Donna, Steve, Kris, and Amanda


The Little Fledglings

Santiago, Reed, August, Ren-Lee, Sebastian


Mind the Gape

Sarah, Graham, Leslie, Frank, Curt, Yelana, and Natalie


A Murder of Birders

Sarah, Erin, Susan, Suzanne, Pete, Lena


RRCC Raptor Rebels

Barbra, Danea, Paul, Greg, and other Red Rocks Community College faculty, staff, and students


4 Vets in Search of a Bird

Doug, Mackenzie, Elaine, Betty



Theresea, Joanie, Lisa, Sherie, Mo, and other Zuma’s Rescue Ranch supporters

Birds 826 White-faced ibises


Peter and David


We Tied the Knot!

Rachael and Bryce


Birdathon on a Bike!


Happy tourist looking through binoculars and hiding in trees.


Shelley, Julia, and Heidi