Join us for Birdathon, one of our major fundraisers. It is similar to a walkathon or marathon, except participants raise money for Denver Audubon by birding (not walking or running, whew!). We welcome individuals, couples, and groups at all levels of birding expertise. Please, don’t hesitate; we genuinely appreciate any and all efforts to help with fundraising.

Proceeds fund our school, family, bird banding, and conservation programs. Team members collect pledges from family, friends, co-workers, and anyone else who wants to support your team and our awesome organization. Our goal is to raise $50,000. We encourage NEW teams to register and existing teams to bring on new participants.

There are three ways to participate:

Form a team

Organize a team – just 1 person, 2, or more, who can all bird on the same day during May (it doesn’t matter what day in May, you pick). Plan your route to maximize bird counts. Collect pledges/donations from sponsors: friends, family, coworkers, anyone! Then count bird species for up to 24 hours on your team’s big day and have fun!  

To register fill out the online Form below: 


Join a Team

Don’t have a team, but want to participate, contact us by email – or call 303-973-9530. Many of our teams are happy take on new members. We’ll let you know what dates they are birding and connect you with a group. 

Support a team

Just click on any one of the donate links below to support your preferred team. If you don’t want to donate online, please mail a check made out to Denver Audubon and include team and/or individual you are supporting. Address: Denver Audubon Birdathon 9308 S Wadsworth BLVD. Littleton, CO  80128.

Support Your Favorite Team

Support the 2024 Birdathon Teams!

2024 Beak to Future Team Photo

Beak to the Future - Denver Audubon Board and Friends

Shelley, Pilar, Megan, Lynne, Kristin, and Maddie


Scrub J'Oakers

Hugh and Urling Kingery

Ann's Bench

Tuesday Birders

Cynthia, David, and the Tuesday Birders

Ryan and Angie Talk Birdy to Me

Talk Birdy to Me

Ryan, Angie, and friends


Mind the Gape

Master Birder Class of 2019/2020


Birder on a Bike



The Good Eggs

Cindy, Chris, Julia, Ryan, Terry, and Emma


No Egrets

Staff Member Lara and Bradley. They Welcome Newcomers.


DA Children's Hospital Volunteers

Barbara, Don, Sue, Susan, Bill, Linda, Karen, and Melinda


Birds Aren't Real!

Kate, Delaney Angel, Marirosa, Laura, and Chloe


Sitting Ducks

Nicole, our Executive Director, and friends


Team Hicks

Audrey and Andrew Hicks


Covid Corvids

Nancy Bartholomew


Toucan Play At This Game

Rachael and Bryce



Megan, Carly, and Adriana


The Young Birders Club

Young Birders Club

Birdathon Rules

  • Teams must physically bird together within Colorado over a 24 hour period – on your selected May date
  • Team size – 1, 2, or more…
  • Register your team using the Birdathon Team Form and select a team type
    • New Team – first time participating
    • Returning Team – participated in Birdathon before
  • Use eBird to record your bird lists and then share with “denveraudubon” (1 word, no spaces). It helps if your Team Name is written on “Add Checklist Comments” line so we know which list(s) go with which team. Even easier, create an eBird Trip Report after completing your Birdathon. This report shows where you have been, what bird species were counted, and the trip participants. You can add “denveraudubon” so that we get your report automatically. 
    • Contact if you have questions about sharing your list.
  • Don’t use eBird? Use this paper entry from. This way we can post Birdathon status much faster. 
  • Notify us when you share your eBird lists or trip report ASAP. We can tabulate or check  your results if needed. 
  • Bird ethically and have fun during Colorado’s incredible Spring Migration.