Contest: Draw Your Favorite Bird

Contest: Draw Your Favorite Bird!

We are so grateful to all the families and children who participating in this contest. THE DRAWINGS WERE ALL SO GOOD IT WAS TERRIBLY HARD TO ELIMINATE SOME. 🙁

We had 60 entries from kids between the ages of 4 and 17. We divided the contest into three age groups (so we will have multiple winners). You can see all of the entries at the bottom of this page. Although all of the drawings were spectacular, we had to choose some of our favorites to appear on Facebook.

Please click the Facebook icon and visit our page to vote for your favorite drawings. Voting will open tomorrow, April 8, and stay open until 10pm. The winners will receive this Denver guide to birds via US mail:

Drawings submitted from ages 4 to 7

Drawings submitted from ages 8 to 10

Drawings submitted from ages 11 to 17