Denver Audubon Stands with Survivors of Sexual Assault

Revelations of sexual misconduct by prominent birders has left our community shaken. Denver Audubon stands in solidarity with and believes survivors. Birding is a wonderful chance to experience the outdoors and our organization is taking deliberate actions to make it accessible for everyone, especially those of marginalized communities.

Speaking out against inequalities and violence requires extraordinary courage – Denver Audubon hears and supports survivors who share their stories publicly and their calls for accountability. Aisha White bravely wrote about her experience on her blog post “I was Raped by a Popular Figure in the Birding Community”. Please be advised that it includes graphic descriptions of rape that may be disturbing especially for those who have experienced trauma.

Toxic environments are unfortunately common within every community, and in order to move forward accountability is required from individuals and organizations. Creating positive change will require uncomfortable and necessary conversations. Denver Audubon pledges to take the necessary actions to ensure our programs, birding, and the outdoors are safe for all.