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Into Thin Air: Black Swift Movement Ecology Project 2020

Into Thin Air: Black Swift Movement Ecology Project 2020 Rob Sparks, Research Biologist with Bird Conservancy of the Rockies The aerosphere is a body of air that envelops Earth, forming one of three major components of the biosphere. This is the last frontier in ecology where animal behavior, atmospheric science and ecology integrate to form


Lois Webster Fund 2021 Funded Projects

The Lois Webster Fund of Denver Audubon helps fund research and education projects that promote the conservation of Colorado non-game wildlife.  Each year, the Lois Webster committee carefully reviews submitted proposals and commits funding to worthy proposals within our fiscal limitations. This year, the Lois Webster Fund committed funding to the following studies Response of


Denver Audubon Stands with Survivors of Sexual Assault

Revelations of sexual misconduct by prominent birders has left our community shaken. Denver Audubon stands in solidarity with and believes survivors. Birding is a wonderful chance to experience the outdoors and our organization is taking deliberate actions to make it accessible for everyone, especially those of marginalized communities. Speaking out against inequalities and violence requires