Bluebird Boxes for Sale

Discover our custom cedar Bluebird Boxes, providing cozy homes for bluebirds and other species while supporting Denver Audubon’s conservation efforts. Crafted by Audubon Volunteer Curt Frankenfeld, these durable birdhouses are ideal for various species and available for $35 each.

Email to order and make a difference in avian conservation today!

Mountain Bluebird on nest box
Mountain Bluebird. Photo: Dick Vogel

More about boxes:

  • Birdhouses are 19in tall, 7.25in wide, and 5.5in deep
  • Ideal size and design for blue birds, but many other species would be happy to call this home: Tree Swallows, Violet-green Swallows, House Wrens, Black-capped Chickadees and Mountain Chickadees to name a few.

For detailed information on where to put a nestbox, visit The Colorado Bluebird Project.