Audubon Master Birders Graduate

Audubon Master Birders Graduate

by Pam Zimmer

The year didn’t exactly go as planned, with the covid virus causing us to can cancel many of our field trips and planned activities. Nonetheless, 13 Master Birders graduated from the class of 2020.

New graduates are: Dina Baker, Matthew Boyer, Ellie Brown, Karl Brummert (not pictured), Leslie Coleman, Frank Coons, Curt Frankenfeld, Sarah Leavesley, Yelana Love, Philip McNichols, Graham Ray, Brian Tavernia, and Natalie Vande Vuss.

All the candidates were able to complete their requirements within the new guidelines dictated by social distancing and adhering to cdc guidelines. The students who were unable to complete their “lead a field trip” requirement, were asked to come back once Denver Audubon field trips resume, and complete that requirement.

The graduation ceremony was held on August 3 through Zoom, and it turned out to be an enjoyable and sometimes moving evening. Many of the graduates had family members present with them on Zoom. Mentors were introduced and they in turn introduced their mentees, Hugh Kingery spoke about the history of the AMB program, and Karl Brummert also shared his thoughts both as a graduate and as executive director. Frank Coons, a published poet, read a poem he had written especially for the occasion, and Don Hall presented a nostalgic and fun video retrospective of the last year. Although we weren’t able to share this special day in person, we hope in the near future when restrictions are lifted, to have a reunion pot-luck or birdwalk for the mentors and graduates.

Nature of Need

by Frank Coons

there are worse addictions
80’s Rock

if I need my daily dose
of ruddy ducks and dowitchers
my flycatcher fix
& on occasion
an ardent desire to hear
the phoebe and the vireo
so be it

I spend fogged
mornings ambling along
amber streams looking
for a flash of yellow wing
and the want rises
to a level of unction
beyond exhilaration

their songs still
the bit of beast left in me
their wheezy melodies
a balm for the thug
and thief in me.

you think I need help ?

you think wrong

there is no such thing
as spare time
there is only time
relentless in it’s sweep
and whatever dollop
we are allotted
is little enough

I’ll spend mine
wandering as I can
as long as I can
where swallows careen
above the wetlands
and the unidentical identities
of wren and warbler
sing me above the mayhem

there are worse addictions